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PPP from 5M Euro

High Return

Minimal Risk 

We specialize in Private Placement Programs, creating a pathway for individuals and companies to create wealth, or fund special projects. 

Our programs offer the client the opportunity to participate by invitation within our closed trading network and maximize their profits.

At no time are the clients funds at risk, programs are available where the funds are placed in a fixed term account within the Fiduciary's bank, and blocked for 12 months with full signatory control held by the client. 

Application process is simple, we require:

1) Client Information Sheet (provided)

2) Letter Of Interest (provided)

3) Proof of Funds (bank statement)

4) ID (passport)

Once you have met our compliance, we organize a direct discussion between yourself and the trader, at this stage returns are finalized and a contract offered.

In summary:

Entry = $5M Euro min

Return = Varies per contract, example 350% for 30 days on 5M offering.

Risk = Negligible, your funds remain in our fiduciary account under our direct control. You assign the rights of the funds for the term and condition of the contract.

For further information please email us with your interest.

Benefits of Private Placement


Benefits of Private Placement

  • High degree of flexibility in amount of financing ranging from 100 thousand to 10-20 million with combinations of debt, equity, or debt and equity capital.

  • Investors are more patient than venture capitalists, often seeking 10 to 20% return on investments over a longer term of 5 to 10 years.

  • Much lower costs than approaching venture capitalists or selling the stock to the public as an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

  • Quicker form of raising money than usual venture capital markets.

Candidate for Private Placement


Who is a Candidate for Private Placement Offerings?

The ideal small business candidate is a company in the third stage of finance and is looking for growth or expansion funding. Small business owners might think private placement applies to start-ups when your company has completed product development, conducted a market-feasibility study and business planning but start-up funding often comes from angel investors.  

Private Placement Programs


Transaction Structure and other Offering Variables Consulting

The first phase in developing an offering with our firm is structuring the offering and consulting on key decision items and potential disclosure issues. In this phase we assist the client in developing concise and attractive structure for their private placement offering. Developing proper structure is critical to having a successful capital raise. We will also guide the client through key decision items related to the company and the offering such as:

  • Equity or debt structures and the proper application for the client’s transaction

  • Utilization of preferred or common equity

  • Utilization and advantages of convertible securities

  • Determining minimum and maximum offering amounts

  • Discussing the potential of securing investors through a security agreement or liquidation right

  • Discussing the various exemptions available and the advantages and disadvantages of each

There are a significant number of variables involved in developing proper structure for a private placement offering. We provide our expertise to client’s ensuring they have compelling and concise Private placement structure. We will also engage in data and content collection from the client in the first phase of our process. We will gather all needed corporate content for drafting the offering documents and assemble all needed exhibits for the PPM including bylaws, operating agreements, financials, etc.  

Requirements for Private Placements

What is Required for Private Placements?

A sound Business Plan
A private placement memorandum (PPM) disclosing the full facts of the investment and business
Our firm experienced in private placements.

With the limited infusion of capital into the stock market, the private investor market is an attractive alternative for investors and small businesses. Private placement offers a viable form of business financing without the constraints of taking a company public and conceding control. 

Information available please email us any questions that you may have.