offshore incorporate

Requirements for incorporation

Along with this application form, as standard the below would be required to begin the process:

We will also need the following customer due diligence (CDD) documentation under our KYC Know Your Client anti-money laundering requirements:

  • Certified copy of passport for all directors and anyone else with 25% or more of the ultimate beneficial ownership/issued shares of the company. Must be certified by an independent lawyer, notary, auditor or bank official AND PICTURE IN COPY MUST BE CLEAR AND EASILY IDENTIFIABLE. The certification should state ‘true copy of the original document’ or similar and include date and official stamp.
  • Business CV for all directors and anyone else with 25% or more of the ultimate beneficial ownership/issued shares of the company.
  • TWO Documents (certified copy as per the above or original) proving residential address for at least two directors (if the company has two or more) and anyone else with 25% or more of the ultimate beneficial ownership/issued shares of the company. The following must apply:

  • Must be utility bill, government/council bill or bank/credit card statement – (Mobile Phone bills will not be accepted)
  • Documents for at least one Director must be translated into English, if required.
  • Must be dated within the last 3 months.
  • Must have the individuals full name and full address
  • Address should preferably be in top left corner as per a standard letter, or clearly identifiable
  • TWO documents for each officer must be from 2 different companies
  • No pen markings or any corrections on the documents permitted

If we are assisting with bank account we will need the above documentation for any account signatories who is not a director/shareholder also and all banks will require a business plan submitted with the application.

 If the company has a Corporate Shareholder (i.e. another company as shareholder) we need a letter from an independent lawyer (Ideally located in the country that the corporate entity is incorporated in) on their official company paper outlining the structure of the company in full and confirming who the ultimate beneficial owners are. Please include percentage ownerships and full details for beneficial owners including name, address, date of birth and passport number.

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